Musical Woman Power: Lisa Marie

When you think of an upcoming female vocalist, the First lady that hits your mind is Lisa Marie Smith. This Vegas native is definitely on our watch list of up-and-coming female singers this year. You may not know this, but there is way more to this singer than her incredible voice. Let’s look into who this beautifully talented redhead is selling out shows.
Nowadays, finding a lady with good looks and talent together is challenging. But we had found it when we named Lisa Marie Smith. Her beautiful figure may hook you up, but that’s not why she has over 10 thousand followers on Instagram. Because Lisa has many skills, as You see, she is a musician, more so a vocalist. The cherry on top is that She also owns a business.
Lisa has truly made a name for herself in Vegas. So considerably that she was named as one of the top 100 women influence in Las Vegas. She also claimed the title of the youngest singer to headline on the Las Vegas strip. Moreover, Lisa Marie Smith is booked and busy. By this, we mean that this singer has sold out shows all year round. Now that takes true talent and a real following.
You probably think that this young artist couldn’t possibly be doing more. Well, you’re mistaken again. Lisa Marie Smith has a thriving vocal studio, and she is the owner of lmsmusicofficial. The band aims to recreate and reimagine music. So, We hope for more good 
music in the future.


Having formerly held the distinction of the youngest headlining singer to perform on the Las Vegas strip, Lisa Marie has been praised as a “Las Vegas favorite”- Robin Leach, and one of the “Top 100 Women of Influence in Las Vegas”- MyVEGAS Magazine. She has been seen starring in multiple “Best of Las Vegas” shows, including PINUP at the Stratopshere, BAZ at the Palazzo, and now Mayfair Supper Clubinside the Bellagio. She additionally runs a corporate band and voice studio, and is proud to be the spokesperson for Positively Arts, a children’s arts nonprofit.