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Mia Mormino is an electro-pop musician from the U. S. who we previously featured on our blog. We had the pleasure of introducing her upcoming musical project, The Seven Deadly Sins, for the year 2021. Stick-Up, her most recent song release, tilts her music in a jazzy path. The fifth installment in the seven deadly sins collection series, “Stick-Up,” focuses on greed and the insatiable desire for earthly pleasures.

“Stick-Up” is a unique, contemporary jazz-infused pop song that sounds like something you’d hear in a gangster and shady dealing nightclub in the 1990s. This song paints the picture of a Burlesque dancer who is fed up with drunk men touching her inappropriately as she waltzes on the dance floor, oozing sex appeal.

In this story, she takes the listeners through her revenge. Mia delivers the tale with charisma and attitude. She robs and kills her intended victim at the song’s end as befitting a true femme fatale. She pulls the listener through this audiovisual adventure with sultry vocals, skillfully melded words, and a booming electro-swing chorus. With two more deadly sin songs to drop this year, I’m looking forward to seeing what Mia has in store for her exciting musical adventure. “Stick-Up” as a whole is an unusual and engaging musical experience from a phenomenal and immensely gifted musician. You should listen to it for yourself.

This song is attracting a lot of attention from music lovers and companies alike, including Snounds” We would love to see her on our platform … we already have a few A&Rs that would love to work with her” – Jermaine ( CEO and Founder of SNOUNDS)

You can listen to Stick-Up here.
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