Bcaizm Music Interview

You may already know that Snounds is a music app that will help musicians generate more money vs musicians releasing music on their own. With that, we love to invite musicians on our platform to talk about their music and the music industry. This conversation happened between Bcaizm and our founder, and Ceo Jermaine Vanryck.



Brad Charles Anthony, better known as Bcaizm, is an American DJ, producer and re-mixer; from New York City. Holding global residencies since the beginning of his musical career, he constantly puts his creativity to the test; to harvest that worldly sound in EDM. Brad started in the entertainment industry as a dancer with MTV at an earlier age. With MTV acting as a mass networking forum for the next four years, it wasn’t too long, that he knew he wanted to be the one producing and playing the music; than dancing to it. “It was awesome, I was on TV and enjoying every minute of it, but I knew my true passion was music – It was a great way for me to showcase my abilities, and I’m very blessed I was able to do so.”

With that passion for music burning, Brad Charles Anthony attained his first official residency in New York City at the earlier age of eighteen. From there, he went on to play in thirty two cities within eleven different states, eight countries, produced over twenty tracks and earned a BMI music award nominee – all before the age of twenty one. His music has been played on dance floors and festivals all across the world, as well as featured on networks such as MTV, HBO and Showtime; just to name a few. Today, Bcaizm continues to grow his brand with his signature remixes and original EDM production. “…I want to bring happiness into this world through music. To be able to connect with people and help them feel happy. If I can do that, then I’ve won in life!”