Making music is a craft, and just like any other craft, practice and constant improvement is a key component for achieving mastery. As time progresses and new technology is being invented, there has been an increase in the number of tools designed to help musicians to improve their craft.

Today, there a numerous such apps that help recording artists put our better body of works without much stress, whether in getting the sounds right, increasing the quality of production, getting the music to more reach to the fans through digital streaming platforms, these apps have greatly important and every musician should be using them. Whether you’re trying to improve your lyrics, market your work online, or even network with musicians from different parts of the world, these music apps are indispensable.  


This app is a free digital platform that serves as a marketplace for musicians and producers to meet and work together even without being in the same physical space. Recording artists can buy a beat for a couple of dollars, record their songs and make chart-topping hits, just like Lil Nas X did with Old Town Road. Yes, the rapper linked up with a producer named Youngkio from BeatStars, and together, they made one of the biggest songs of 2019.

Beatstars Logo
BeatStars is a digital production marketplace that allows music producers to license, sell, and giveaway free beats.

Similar to the aforementioned duo, other producers and musicians network on this app to discover and record production music. This app allows producers to sell their beats with a non-exclusive license which means you can sell the same beat to as many people as are willing to buy it, thus helping producers earn more money for their work.

The key features of this app are the Collabos feature, which is specifically designed for artists who want to work with several producers or engineers. Another important feature is the Audiomack and Soundcloud monetization which allows you to earn money when people stream your music on these platforms.  

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2. LÜM

Lüm is a music streaming and social media app built for discovering new music and artists. It enables upcoming musicians to circulate their music worldwide and grow a fan base online, it also allows fans to directly support their favorite upcoming acts through virtual gifting.

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The #1 Platform for Music creators and their fans

More than 100,000 independent artists currently use this app to collaborate with other creators to produce wide-reaching content. The 100% ad-free streaming platform allows artists to upload their music, photos, videos, and studio sessions for free, thus creating a bond with the fans as they get exclusive behind-the-scene aspects of music production.

Artists can identify and show appreciation to their biggest supporters, offering a one-on-one experience of connection between the acts and their fans. Artists can also participate in competitions on the app to make more money and get more exposure.  

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Recording artists no longer have to leave the comfort of their homes to record their music, this app takes it a notch higher by providing a way for you to make music straight from your phone. It allows you to record audio or vocals over beats, add audio effects like autotune and reverb and mix/master the tracks to give it a studio-quality sound.

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The #1 app for making music on your phone

The app offers tutorials on how to upload a beat, or even choose a beat from the 100,000+ free beats in the app library, create a song, and directly upload your songs on various social media platforms and streaming sites like SoundCloud and Audiomack.

The well-designed interface on the app makes it easy for you to explore the various options available, you have the option of recording through your speakerphones instead of using headphones. You can master your craft by participating in in-app freestyle competitions for song makers. So whether you’re just trying to have fun, make some money from music or take your music career to the next level, this app is for you.  

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Imagine having a music label in your pocket, that’s exactly what the UnitedMasters app offers you. Distributing and circulating your music just got easier, with one click on the app you can share your music on all major streaming services, submit your tracks to major brands for opportunities for partnerships and collaborations, and get paid for your work.

UnitedMasters Logo
UnitedMasters distributes your music, gives you tools to power your career, and unites you with the world’s biggest brands.

UnitedMasters is a music platform designed to help upcoming and independent musical acts dish out their music on major music platforms. Just as an actual record label does, you can track your streams, and get audience feedback reactions to your music releases.

The Steve Stoute founded company is made up of a team of engineers, marketers, and musicians from different social media spaces and has partnered with major corporations like the NBA to give independent acts a platform to share their work while maintaining full ownership of their recording rights, although there is a 10% commission to pay to the company for the revenue your music generates.  

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Do you have a love for music, or do you have ideas on making a super record? Why not try your hands on the sounds app? Think about Fantasy football, but in music terms, that’s Snounds.

Snounds is a unique music royalty sharing app that is designed to help musicians make more money by using Blockchain technology, Fintech investments, and NFTs to increase your revenue.
Snounds allows anyone to create a record label in a matter of minutes by creating songs with top-rated musicians on our platform.

Users will be able to create a record label in a matter of minutes on the app, they will also be able to select the amount they want to spend to create a song, and then select producers, musicians, and songwriters from the options available on the platform and just like that, you create a song. Once you create a song, Snounds helps you bring the song to the market by featuring on all major music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon, and more.

Payouts for the app users are from generated royalties, each time the song is played, you earn income. Snounds also makes use of cryptocurrency to increase revenue for all investments. The platform allows you to trade music royalties and other merchandise, and the SMART CONTRACTS feature helps to document legally relevant events according to the terms of a contract.  

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